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Rule Details

TypeName Rule ExpressionProlog form (technical)
  • detections:1
Balance Sheet
  • disclosures:BalanceSheet requires:
  • 1 instance:

    sfac6:BalanceSheetHypercube is presented
    sfac6:Liabilities is presented
    sfac6:Equity is presented
    Detected block with sfac6:Assets

    Not yet
    • detections:1
    Changes in Equity
  • disclosures:ChangesInEquity requires:
  • 1 instance:

    sfac6:ChangesInEquityHypercube is presented
    Detected block with sfac6:Equity

    Not yet
    • detections:1
    Comprehensive Income
  • disclosures:ComprehensiveIncome requires:
  • 1 instance:

    sfac6:ComprehensiveIncomeStatementHypercube is presented
    Detected block with sfac6:ComprehensiveIncome

    Not yet

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