Disclosure Information: Preferred Stock, by class, Balance Sheet Parenthetical [Hierarchy]
Label: Preferred Stock, by class, Balance Sheet Parenthetical [Hierarchy]
Name: PreferredStockByClass
Parent Topic: BalanceSheet
Documentation: Detail of preferred stock by class of preferred stock.
Commentary: Seems to be missing text block, there is only one text block called ClassOfStock.
Level: Detail
Concept arrangement pattern: [Hierarchy]
Completion state: WIP
Exemplars: Example
Taxonomy Network: http://fasb.org/us-gaap/role/statement/StatementOfFinancialPositionClassified

Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Preferred Stock, by Class [Table] Table us-gaap:ScheduleOfStockByClassTable
2 Class of Stock [Axis] Axis us-gaap:StatementClassOfStockAxis
3 Class of Stock [Domain] Member us-gaap:ClassOfStockDomain
4 Cumulative Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:CumulativePreferredStockMember
5 Noncumulative Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:NoncumulativePreferredStockMember
6 Redeemable Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:RedeemablePreferredStockMember
7 Nonredeemable Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:NonredeemablePreferredStockMember
8 Convertible Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:ConvertiblePreferredStockMember
9 Nonredeemable Convertible Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:NonredeemableConvertiblePreferredStockMember
10 Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:RedeemableConvertiblePreferredStockMember
11 Contingent Convertible Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:ContingentConvertiblePreferredStockMember
12 Preferred Class A [Member] Member us-gaap:PreferredClassAMember
13 Preferred Class B [Member] Member us-gaap:PreferredClassBMember
14 Series A Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:SeriesAPreferredStockMember
15 Series B Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:SeriesBPreferredStockMember
16 Series C Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:SeriesCPreferredStockMember
17 Series D Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:SeriesDPreferredStockMember
18 Series E Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:SeriesEPreferredStockMember
19 Series F Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:SeriesFPreferredStockMember
20 Series G Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:SeriesGPreferredStockMember
21 Series H Preferred Stock [Member] Member us-gaap:SeriesHPreferredStockMember
22 Class of Stock [Line Items] LineItems us-gaap:ClassOfStockLineItems
23 Preferred Stock Informtion for Class [Hierarchy] Abstract us-gaap:PreferredStockNumberOfSharesParValueAndOtherDisclosuresAbstract
24 Preferred Stock, Value, Issued Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockValue
25 Preferred Stock, Par or Stated Value Per Share Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockParOrStatedValuePerShare
26 Preferred Stock, No Par Value Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockNoParValue
27 Preferred Stock, Shares Subscribed but Unissued Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockShareSubscriptions
28 Preferred Stock, Shares Subscribed but Unissued, Value [Abstract] Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesSubscribedButUnissuedValueAbstract
29 Preferred Stock, Value, Subscriptions Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesSubscribedButUnissuedValue
30 Preferred Stock, Shares Subscribed but Unissued, Subscriptions Receivable Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesSubscribedButUnissuedSubscriptionsReceivable
31 Preferred Stock, Shares Authorized Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesAuthorized
32 Preferred Stock, Shares Authorized, Unlimited Concept (us-types:authorizedUnlimitedItemType) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesAuthorizedUnlimited
33 Preferred Stock, Shares Issued Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesIssued
34 Preferred Stock, Shares Outstanding Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesOutstanding
35 Preferred Stock, Voting Rights Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockVotingRights
36 Preferred Stock, Call or Exercise Features Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockCallOrExerciseFeatures
37 Preferred Stock, Dividend Rate, Percentage Concept (Percent) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendRatePercentage
38 Preferred Stock, Dividend Rate, Per-Dollar-Amount Concept (Share) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendRatePerDollarAmount
39 Preferred Stock, Dividend Payment Rate, Variable Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendPaymentRateVariable
40 Dividends, Preferred Stock Concept (Monetary) For Period Debit us-gaap:DividendsPreferredStock
41 Preferred Stock, Dividend Payment Terms Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendPaymentTerms
42 Preferred Stock, Dividend Preference or Restrictions Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendPreferenceOrRestrictions
43 Preferred Stock, Liquidation Preference, Value Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockLiquidationPreferenceValue
44 Preferred Stock, Liquidation Preference Per Share Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockLiquidationPreference
45 Preferred Stock, Contract Terms Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockContractTerms
46 Preferred Stock, Capital Shares Reserved for Future Issuance Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockCapitalSharesReservedForFutureIssuance
47 Preferred Stock, Amount of Preferred Dividends in Arrears Concept (Monetary) For Period Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockAmountOfPreferredDividendsInArrears
48 Preferred Stock, Per Share Amounts of Preferred Dividends in Arrears Concept (Share) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockPerShareAmountsOfPreferredDividendsInArrears
49 Preferred Stock, Redemption Terms Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockRedemptionTerms
50 Preferred Stock, Redemption Price Per Share Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockRedemptionPricePerShare
51 Preferred Stock, Redemption Date Concept (Date) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockRedemptionDate
52 Preferred Stock, Reason why Security is Not Redeemable Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockReasonWhySecurityIsNotRedeemable
53 Preferred Stock, Participation Rights Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockParticipationRights
54 Preferred Stock, Including Additional Paid in Capital, Net of Discount [Abstract] Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockIncludingAdditionalPaidInCapitalNetOfDiscountAbstract
55 Preferred Stock, Including Additional Paid in Capital [Abstract] Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockIncludingAdditionalPaidInCapitalAbstract
56 Preferred Stock, Value, Issued Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockValue
57 Additional Paid in Capital, Preferred Stock Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:AdditionalPaidInCapitalPreferredStock
58 Preferred Stock, Including Additional Paid in Capital, Total Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockIncludingAdditionalPaidInCapital
59 Preferred Stock, Discount on Shares Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:PreferredStockDiscountOnShares
60 Preferred Stock, Including Additional Paid in Capital, Net of Discount, Total Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockIncludingAdditionalPaidInCapitalNetOfDiscount

Business Rules for Disclosure: Controlled Natural Language
Rules for disclosure: disclosures:PreferredStockByClass 
This disclosure:

   - MUST include the Axis/Dimension: us-gaap:StatementClassOfStockAxis
   - MUST be represented as the Concept Arrangement Pattern: cm:Hierarchy
   - MUST contain the Level 4 Detailed concept: us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesAuthorized

Business Rules for Disclosure: Machine-Readable
From Arcrole (predicate) To
cm:Thing cm-arcroles:class-subClass disclosures:PreferredStockByClass
disclosures:PreferredStockByClass drules-arcroles:disclosure-hasConceptArrangementPattern cm:Hierarchy
disclosures:PreferredStockByClass drules-arcroles:disclosure-requiresAxis us-gaap:StatementClassOfStockAxis
disclosures:PreferredStockByClass drules-arcroles:disclosure-requiresConcept us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesAuthorized

Exemplars Available for Disclosure: Machine-Readable
Entity Name and Text Block or Detailed Disclosure

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