Term: ImputeTypeRule
Term: ImputeTypeRule
Label: Impute Type Rule
Key: 24
Category: Type of Rule (Assertion)
Description: An impute rule is a rule that explains how to derive facts that have not been explicitly reported based on other facts that have been reported or which have been derived from other reported information.
Commentary: An impute rule or a deduction is an IF. . .THEN statement that has a precondition that is used to derive information from other information that already exists. For example, if 'Assets' was explicitly reported and 'Current Assets' was explicitly reported; but 'Noncurrent Assets' was NOT REPORTED and the rule 'Assets = Current Assets + Noncurrent Assets' exists; THEN the value of Noncurrent Assets can be 'imputed' or 'derived' using the two reported facts and the rule. Note that impute rules are UNIVERSAL to a specific reporting style. Impute rules are represented using XBRL Formula.
Technical Example: http://xbrlsite.azurewebsites.net/2016/conceptual-model/reporting-scheme/ipsas/fac/Rules_Impute/ImputeRule-4-BS-Impute-04-formula.xml
Human Readable Example:
Additional Information: http://xbrlsite.azurewebsites.net/2017/IntelligentDigitalFinancialReporting/Part01_Chapter02.4_ComprehensiveIntroductionToBusinessRules.pdf
Status: OK